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Damage Claim Services provides the review service of contractor invoicing that specializes in biotrauma and hazardous scene remediation. We specialize in Covid 19, wildlife, hoarding, hazardous waste disposal, crime scene clean up, environmental hazardous events, vehicle recovery, homicide, suicide, residential, commercial and industrial accidents.

Biotrauma and hazardous scene remediation is about bringing property back to a ‘pre-incident’ condition. Site decontamination is regulated by three governmental bodies, 1) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2) The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and 3) Department of National Resources or EPA.

Dealing with biotrauma, hazard, and environmental remediation costs can be a challenge. Below identifies what our specialists will do to make sure what you pay is fair and reasonable.

Review of estimates for pre-approval

We can audit the proposed estimate submitted for pre-approval.

Analyze the costs involved

We will negotiate the scope and current costs directly with the contractor.

We settle the claim based on Fair and Reasonable costs

We will proceed with negotiation of a contractor’s estimate for services already performed and obtain the agreed scope and price of remediation.


Tree and Landscaping Claims

Damage Claim Services has specialists on staff to review and settle losses to trees, shrubs, and landscaping items. Most claims received are from commercial truck accidents causing damage to trees, landscaping and fencing.


We review documentation and investigate the type and value of items damaged.

Some of the factors we consider:

• What is like, kind and quality?
• What was the pre-damaged condition?
• What is the age of the item?
• What is the purpose of the tree or landscaping? Aesthetic? Environmental?
• What is the site condition?

We settle the claim based on Fair and Reasonable costs

A specialist is necessary to provide an overall evaluation of the items damaged. There typically is a large variance in the amounts submitted to the fair and reasonable amounts settled.