Specialty Claims

Specialty Claims

At Damage Claims, our staff consists of managed licensed adjusters, consultants, and certified experts. Our specialists investigate, evaluate, and settle insurance damage claims. Our service is also a perfect solution for transportation companies with self-insured (SIR) programs.

Below identifies all that we do to make your claim fair and reasonable to pay.

Only Pay What is Fair & Reasonable


Damage Claim Services analyzes state, federal, & local codes that apply to damage claims.

Compare & Identify

Damage Claim Services compares actual repair costs versus calculation of reasonable cost of repair, identify physical damage, and determines if any facility upgrades occurred.


Damage Claim Services investigates locates, evaluates liability and the feasibility of repair procedures, calculates depreciation/salvage value, determines replacement cost, applicable depreciation, & market value of damage.

Estimate Comparison

Damage Claim Services performs comprehensive estimating comparisons, analysis, verification, and computation utilizing court recognized industry standard estimating platforms (Xactimate, BNi, and RS Means) for restorative building, utility, and transportation construction costs.


Damage Claim Services reviews depositions, case law, and code requirements for all utilities/damages.

Full review of all claims including scope of repairs, remediation, labor, materials, equipment, contractor costs, loss of use, and administrative costs for 1,000’s of claims including:

  • Utilities Above & Below Ground (Power, Gas, Waste & Water)

  • Building Damages

  • Gas Station Accidents

  • Farming Equipment

  • Bio-Hazard/Trauma Review

  • Telecom

  • Bridges

  • Guardrails

  • Attenuators

  • Railroads

  • Locomotive Damages

  • And more…